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Efektivitas Relaksasi Teknik Meditasi untuk Membantu Siswa Mengatasi Stres sebelum Menghadapi Ujian Nasional


Dosi Juliawati
Rinda Tri Ayumi
Hengki Yandri
Alfaiz Alfaiz


Research purpose is for reveal the effectivity of relaxation with meditation technique for helping releasing a student’s stress before national examination. Quantitative analysis was using in this research with pre-experiment through one group pretest-posttest design with twelve respondent that has been indentified a stress condition through instrumentation with likert scale. Data analyse with wilcoxon and descriptive. The result was found that there was a significant difference about the level of student’s stress before a national examination and after has given an intervention such a relaxation with meditation technique with asympthotic significant two tailed 0.000. This research can be conclude that relaxation with meditation technique can reduce student’s condition of stress to face a national exam. 


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Alfaiz Alfaiz, STKIP PGRI Sumatera Barat

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