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Effect of Character Education to Entrepreneurial Readiness For Vocational High School (VHS) Students


Supari Muslim
Ika Novia Nur Hidayati


At present, many problems that occur in the school environment are mainly related to the low character values. There is a lot of cheating in the National Examination, student fights, child abuse, drug abuse, corruption, and various other social riots. From a number of these problems can be asked the question "what is the effect of character education on the entrepreneurial readiness of Vocational High School (SMK) students?". To answer these questions, research needs to be held. This research was conducted through a literature review of references and relevant research results, and continued through focus group discussion (FGD). The research found: (1) there is an influence of character education on the level of entrepreneurial readiness of vocational students; (2) character education values that influence entrepreneurial readiness, are creative, independent, honest, cooperative, curiosity, disciplined, courageous to take risks, strong motivation for success, communicative, realistic, commitment, never give up, oriented to action, leadership, and innovation; (3)Vocational students must obtain character education in accordance with the character possessed by an entrepreneur. Because in character education includes discipline, honesty, cooperation, curiosity, creativity and independence, almost all must also be owned by an entrepreneur; (4) The relationship between vocational students who already have character education will grow a mentality for entrepreneurship; andEntrepreneurial readiness is influenced by four dimensions of entrepreneurial readiness, namely intention, ability, learning and attraction; and (5)In order for entrepreneurial readiness to be realized optimally, there must be support from the government, changes in various theories that lead to improvement, and open to various developing innovations.