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Published: Feb 24, 2019

Peran Orang Tua Dalam Meningkatkan Kecerdasan Spiritual Anak Usia Dini


Assertive Training Untuk Mengurangi Kecenderungan Pergaulan Bebas

94-101 Hasbahuddin Hasbahuddin, Aztri Fithrayani, Muhammad Ilham Bakhtiar

"You're fat and not normal!" From Body Image to Decision of Suicide

102-118 Lailatul Fitriyah, Tristan Rokhmawan

English Teacher Obstacle on Implementing the 2013 Curriculum

119-123 Martina Napratilora; Nova Adi Kurniawan; Seri Yanti Siagian

The Implementation of Multimedia on Physics Learning Based on Direct Instruction Model in The Topic of Light

124-132 Suritno Fayanto, Misrawati Misrawati, Dwi Sulisworo, Hanin Fathan Nurfina Istiqomah, Luh Sukariasih

Theoretical And Empirical Studies Of The Use Of Problem Base Learning In The Technical And Vocational Education And Training (TVET) In The Context Of The XXI Century


Efektivitas Teknik Progesive Muscle Relaxtation, Dengan Progesive Muscle Relaxtation Dan Dzikir Anfas Terhadap Kecemasan

144-150 Annas Annas, Kabul Wibowo

The Role of Rationality and Technological Change in Learning Process

151-159 Harisa Mardiana, Haris Kaisar Daniels

Penggunaan Kurikulum Serta Penanaman Nilai dan Spiritual Siswa

160-168 Atifah Hanum, Annas Annas

Pengaruh Problem Based Learning Dan Motivasi Berprestasi Terhadap Kemampuan Pemecahan Masalah

169-176 Miftahus Surur, Tartilla Tartilla

Analisis Pemahaman Mahasiswa Terhadap Keterampilan Dasar Komunikasi Konseling Pada Mata Kuliah Mikro Konseling

177-185 Sitti Rahmi, Suriata Suriata

Increased Competitiveness and Work readiness of Students Four Year Vocational High School (VHS)


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